Family Medicine Residency Program

Additional Information

Vacation Time

PGY1 15 days plus 5 personal days
PGY2 15 days plus 5 Conference days
PGY3 15 days plus 5 Conference days


All residents have access to funding for attendance to professional conferences, as well as potential funding for travel related to presentation of/awards for original research or scholarly activity.


Moonlighting is encouraged for those residents that have successfully completed the PGY-1 year and have obtained their permanent license. Residents maintain ACGME regulations for monthly work hours and comply with the current requirements. Work hour sheets are submitted to our tracking system (New Innovations) each month to monitor each resident's moonlighting activity.


Each resident is assigned a faculty advisor to discuss concerns such as scheduling rotations, vacation request, and to engage in regular progress reports. Areas of improvement are provided as guidance to the residents from performance in the clinic, rotation evaluations and an annual in-service exam.

Awards and Areas of Development

Over the last two decades, our program has worked hard to demonstrate a commitment to the highest levels of excellence in many domains. As an educational program, we have had faculty win the Resident Teacher of The Year Award numerous times within our hospital system. Our faculty are also critically involved in educational committees at the hospital, state and national levels as well. As a program ingrained in the concepts of advocacy for patients and the profession, we have participated in DO Day on the Hill, numerous health care fairs and other community efforts (such as Spartan Street Care, Gleaners Food Bank, Detroit Zoo Boo) yearly. As a colleague of professionals interested in the advancement of Osteopathic Primary Care, our residents and faculty continue to serve on professional committees at the local, state and national level. Our faculty have received numerous national awards, including the Family Medicine Physician of the Year and the Master Preceptor award from the ACOFP, the AOA Mentor Hall of Fame and teaching fellowship Degrees from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Residents are required to submit one research project and complete one scholarly activity during residency. Projects range from case reports to clinical research conducted in the hospital and/or the outpatient clinical site, Oakland Primary Care.