Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Inclusivity and Diversity are demonstrations of Ascension’s Mission, Values and commitment to social justice. Inclusion is active and culturally transformative. Within Ascension, inclusion shows up in how we value differences, welcome individuals to serve with us, and ensure that each associate has the opportunity to attain their full potential and flourish in dignity as human persons. This requires a mutually safe space for conversation focused on changing hearts and minds. This work is supported by our ABIDE (Appreciation - Belongingness - Inclusivity - Diversity - Equity) framework.

We are committed to creating healthy communities in our Milwaukee community. Our residents address the social determinants of health for our patients and we are particularly committed to caring for the under-served. Access to healthy food is a particular need in our community. To help address that need we collaborate with a local church who farms our large green space and plants in our green-house. Food boxes are given to patients who identify as food insecure. Residents participate in this program during their community medicine rotation and throughout the residency as desired.

We work with the State of Wisconsin to screen and care for new arrivals to the United States. Our diverse patient population includes patients speaking 24 different languages. Caring for this special population is an important part of residency training.