Ascension St. John Hospital Hematology Oncology Fellowship


Ascension St. John Hospital's Hematology and Oncology Sub-specialty Fellow Training Program is a three year combined Hematology and Oncology Program targeting qualified fellows each year. 

The Training program comprises of 13 months of in-hospital clinical rotations, 11 months of elective/clinical rotations, and 12 months of basic or clinical research experience, continuity clinics and planned didactic conferences and lectures throughout the 3-year program.

Each Hematology-Oncology Fellow receives support to attend one professional meeting each year, such as the American Society of Hematology or American Society of Clinical Oncology. Each fellow is nominated for professional membership in these Societies.


2022-2023 Fellows

2021-2022 Fellows

Training is Divided as Follows

Hematology 4 months
Oncology 4 months
Anticoagulation Hematology Service 2 months
Malignant Hematology Clinic 4 months
Benign Hematology Clinic 2 months
Lung Cancer 2 months
GI Malignancies 2 months
GU Malignancies 2 months
Head & Neck Malignancies 2 months
Breast Malignancies + Palliative Care 2 months
Gynecological Oncology 1 month
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology 1 month
Lab & Apheresis + Genetics 1 month
Radiation Oncology 1 month
Stem Cell Transplant 1 month
Scholarly Activities 6 months

Inpatient Oncology Rotations

This Oncology Service provides consultations on patients with cancer that are hospitalized at Ascension St. John. In addition, the service provides care for patients admitted to the oncology in-patient service. The assigned fellow and resident are responsible for evaluating the patient’s history, clinical and laboratory findings and using these to make recommendations for further diagnostic evaluations, treatment and monitoring of response. The treatment plan should include management of the cancer and its related symptoms, taking into consideration co-existing clinical conditions. The Hematology-Oncology resident and fellow will present the data to the attending physician on the oncology service and will prepare the official written interpretation and recommendations for the referring physician. The resident and fellow will also continue to follow the patient and write notes when ongoing participation in the clinical care of the patient is warranted. The fellow will also work with the palliative care nurse practitioner that participates on the in-patient team to integrate aspects of palliative care into the patient’s treatment plan as appropriate. Rotation includes: 1-2 half-day continuity clinics at the Van Elslander Cancer Center each week, attendance at the weekly Hematology and Oncology Case conference, participation in the weekly fellow’s Didactic Lecture, and twice a month Journal Club.

Inpatient Hematology

This Hematology In-patient Service provides consultations on patients at Ascension St. John Hospital referred by staff physicians and surgeons. The assigned fellow is responsible for evaluating the clinical and laboratory findings, developing the appropriate interpretation of the clinical database, and formulating understanding of the relevant clinical issues with proper recommendations. The fellow presents the data to the Hematologist Consultant, and prepares the official written consultation providing interpretations and recommendations to the referring house staff and physician. Rotation includes: 1-2  half-day continuity clinics at the Van Elslander Cancer Center each week, attendance at the weekly Hematology and Oncology Case conference,  participation in the weekly fellow’s Didactic Lecture, and twice a month Journal Club. 

Bone Marrow Transplant

Fellows rotating on the BMT at Karmanos will do 2 weeks of Inpatient and 2 weeks of outpatient clinic at Karmanos. They will  experience a comprehensive in-depth exposure to the acute management of patients with hematologic and non-hematologic malignancies who are undergoing autologous or allogeneic transplantation, and patients who are undergoing salvage chemotherapy prior to initiation of the transplant maneuver. In addition, this rotation provides an opportunity for the establishment of patient-oriented clinical research.

Scholarly Activity

Fellows are allowed to have a total of 12 months scholarship with focus on clinical or basic research, usually in their third year of training. Rotation includes 1-2 half-day continuity clinic at the Van Elslander Cancer Center each week, and 1-2 half-day clinic per week in any of the outpatient specialty ambulatory clinics (selected by the Fellow).  Fellows are also required to attend the weekly Hematology and Oncology Case Conference, participation in the weekly Fellows’ Didactic Lectures, participation in research meetings, tumor boards and participation in twice monthly Journal Club.

2021-2022 Fellows

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For More Information

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We accept applications only through ERAS. Interviews will take place in September and October.

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Program Graduates

Dahlia Sano, MD (2018)   Went to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas for a one year fellowship in Lymphoma. Dr. Sano is now an Assistant Professor/Lymphoma Specialist at Karmanos Cancer Institute here in Detroit, Michigan

Uqba Khan, MD (2018)  Joined Weill Cornell as a Junior Faculty Member in the GI department. Dr. Khan became Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine-Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University and an attending Physician at New York-Presbyterian/Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.

Abishek Seth, MD (2019)  Joined Prevea Health at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI   

Hosam Hakim, MD (2019)  Joined as a faculty member at Great Lakes Cancer Management at Ascension St John Hospital

Adam Biedny, DO (2020)  Joined as a faculty member at Great Lakes Cancer Management at Ascension Macomb Hospital

Jason Mouabbi, MD (2020)  Went to Baylor in Houston Texas for a one year fellowship in Breast Cancer. Dr. Mouabbi is now a faculty member at MD Anderson in the Breast Oncology Department.

Ahmed Abdalla, MD (2021)  Joined a one year Investigational Drug Development Fellowship at the University of Texas

Sindhu Malapati, MD (2021)  Joined University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences as a Assistant Professor in the Breast Oncology Department

Laura Kohler, DO (2022)  Joined Cancer & Leukemia Center a private practice in Sterling Heights

Zeyad Sako, MD (2022)  Joined Spectrum Health Medical Oncology & Hematology at Lemmen Holton Cancer Pavilion in Grand Rapids