Ascension St. John Hospital Current Residents

Chief Residents for 2021/2022


Julia Knobelsdorf, MD

Emi Sotiri, MD
Class of 2022: Left to Right: Ana Ifti, MD; Camille Brazzle, MD; Stephanie Leslie, MD; Nicole Ognjanovski,  MD; Julia Knobelsdorf, MD; Bradley Gonik, MD; Emianka Sotiri, MD

Class of 2023: Back Row: William Bachman, MD; Amandeep Garcha, MD Front Row: Neel Sharad, MD; Farrah Rajab, MD; Michelle Tavera, MD; Julia Krakowska, MD; Timothy Chmielewski, MD

Class of 2024: Left to Right: Tony Milliron, MD; Rania Hanna, MD; Mariann Babi, MD; Alexis Kerl, MD; Kyle Griffith, MD; Alexandra Frawley, MD; Zahra Haider, MD