Cardiology Fellowship Curriculum

Fellows participate in half a day per week ambulatory care continuity clinic with as assigned preceptor throughout the fellowship.  They also rotate in the following advanced clinics:

Cardio-Oncology Clinic

The newly opening cardio-oncology clinic will primarily emphasize optimizing cardiovascular risk, as well as preventing and treating cardiomyopathies caused by radiation and/or chemotherapy. In a once weekly clinic, the goal is to:

  • To prevent and optimize therapy before initiation of chemotherapy/radiation
  • Provide risk stratification and address risk factors with a comprehensive strategy 
  • Utilize multi-modality studies to ensure early detection and closely monitor for cardiovascular complications 
  • Offer guidance, support, and counseling on treatment options on new and existing therapies
  • Provide a holistic approach for modifications to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the future

Cardiothoracic Surgery

In collaboration with our cardiothoracic surgeons, the rotation serves as a foundational element to becoming an excellent cardiologist. Each cardiology fellow will do six weeks which consists of the following:

  • Daily rounds with the surgical team to discuss patient care
  • Working in the operating room to observe procedural management of complex pathologies
  • Discuss appropriate guideline-directed intervention for advanced valvular intervention
  • Clinic visits to participate in decision-making for TAVR candidacy  
  • Pre-procedural and post-operative assessments for coronary bypass patients 
  • Assisting in Watchman/Mitraclip procedures 

Lipid Clinic

Our lipid clinic is dedicated to managing individuals with complex and difficult to treat lipid disorders to prevent coronary heart disease, stroke, vascular disease, and non-cardiovascular disorders such as pancreatitis. The clinic is best suited for:

  • Patients with genetic lipid disorders including - Familial Hypercholesterolemia, Familial Combined Hyperlipidemia, Familial Hypertriglyceridemia and elevated Lipoprotein (a).
  • Patients who have statin intolerance, severe hypertriglyceridemia, and lipid disorders associated with kidney, liver and/or thyroid disorders

Advanced Heart Failure Clinic

In collaboration with Henry Ford Hospital, the Advanced Heart Failure Clinic at Ascension St John’s Hospital works closely with referring physicians to provide comprehensive evaluation, treatment and monitoring of patients with advanced heart failure.  The clinic is headed by Dr Yelena Selektor from Henry Ford Hospital. Dr. Selektor is board-certified Advanced Heart Failure cardiologist.  The goals of the clinic are:

  • To provide comprehensive education and counseling on chronic heart failure management tailored to each patient.
  • Optimize heart failure medications and treatment.
  • Evaluate stage D heart failure patients for advanced heart failure treatment options such as left ventricular assist device (LVAD) or potential heart transplantation.  

Pediatric (Congenital) Cardiology Clinic

Our board-certified Pediatric Cardiologists at Ascension St. John Children's Center Pediatric Cardiology strive to provide top-notch, compassionate care from fetal age to young adulthood.  Some of our services include:

  • Diagnosing and managing congenital heart disease and acquired heart conditions, including structural heart disease, arrhythmias, murmurs, chest pain, and syncope.
  • Thorough screening of infants, children and adolescents for potential underlying cardiac issues including sports participation clearance.
  • Fetal echocardiography and consultations to expectant families along with long term post-natal care.
  • Exceptional Pediatric Lipid Clinic with both cardiologist and dedicated lipidologist, treating abnormal cholesterol levels with lifestyle modifications and cholesterol lowering therapies.
  • Timely and detailed feedback to referring clinicians to optimize your care.

Educational Conferences

  • Monthly Cardiology Grand Rounds
  • Annual Heart Dissection
  • Weekly Conferences

Mondays - Echo & Cath Conferences
Tuesdays - Core Curriculum & Lecture Series
Wednesdays - EP & Core Curriculum Lecture Series
Thursdays - Morbidity & Mortality Conferences
Fridays - Journal Club & EKG Conferences