Ascension St. John Hospital Cardiology Fellowship

Cardiology Fellowship Program Mission Statement:

Our mission is to train outstanding clinicians in the field of cardiovascular medicine, to nurture interest in clinical research, and to help our trainees reach their ultimate career goals in cardiovascular practice. 

Program Objectives:

  1. Expose our fellows to a rigorous and comprehensive, yet individualized clinical training experience.
  2. Provide guidance and mentorship in clinical research according to the aspiration of the trainee.
  3. Ensure that our fellow receive the support and supervision that is needed during their training, with adequate faculty and staff.
  4. Maintain a collaborative and collegial environment necessary for our trainee to get ready for their independent and life long careers.
  5. Provide fellows in training with teaching opportunities to help them build their skills, as we prepare them to become teachers and mentors in their field

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