Fourth Year Medical Student Rotations

Sub-Internship Rotations

The Traditional Sub-Internship is a four-week rotation with Via Christi Family Medicine Residency that is meant to be an all-around exposure to our program and the varied aspects of truly "full-scope" training within our residency program. It is designed for any interested medical student considering a career in full-scope (advanced) Family Medicine to rotate on each of our core inpatient services of Obstetrics, Inpatient Family Medicine (adult medicine), and Inpatient Pediatrics.  In addition, Sub-Interns spend time in our outpatient Family Medicine clinics and are exposed to procedural skills both in the inpatient and outpatient settings.
Interested medical students can choose to spend time in any of several varied areas for additional exposure.

  • Sports Medicine  (if the service does not already have an assigned medical student). If this rotational experience is already filled, students can participate in sports medicine during their rotation by attending and staffing sporting events that we cover, casting clinic, Sports Medicine specific lectures, and other learning opportunities.
  • Procedures such as colonoscopy, EGD, joint injections, POCUS, and others in our residency continuity clinics and hospitals.
  • Women's Health in our Dysplasia Clinic or a local free safety-net clinic, where we provide colposcopy and other gynecological care and procedures.

Learn More About the Specific Experiences:

Maternal Care Rotation

The Maternal Care rotation is a 2-week specialized night-float rotation designed to give the interested student an intense immersion into all aspects of maternal care within our hospital system. This rotation is a high-volume obstetrical experience for family medicine residency training. The sub-intern in this area will participate on the night float overnight OB service performing perinatal screening and support of potential admissions, ongoing care of laboring patients, eventual vaginal and cesarean deliveries, post-delivery maternal care, newborn care including circumcisions, as well as some operative gynecological care. In addition, medical students are welcome to participate in any other residency training or extracurricular activities they might be interested in during the daytime, as time allows.

Sports Medicine Rotation

The Sports Medicine rotation is a two- or four-week rotation designed to give the interested medical student a chance to participate in all aspects of sports medicine care and musculoskeletal medicine with our attendings and Sports Medicine fellows both in the outpatient Sports Medicine Clinic and at various seasonal-based athletic events in and around the community, including NCAA Division I and Division II university programs, local high school athletics programs, as well as several professional sports leagues including baseball, hockey and arena football.

Rotation Options

Traditional Sub-Internship (4 weeks) – 4 spots are available per month
Maternal Care Rotation (2 weeks) – 2 spots are available per month
Outpatient FM Rotation (2 or 4 weeks) – 2-4 spots are available per month
Sports Medicine Rotation (2 or 4 weeks) – 1-2 spots are available per month
Flex Rotations (combinations of above experiences) are available on an as-needed basis
Please contact us if you are interested in a non-rotational (informal) visit to "sample" the residency in order to get to know the people and community associated with the program. This can be arranged for a limited number of interested students over the course of the year or in association with their interview time. Housing/lodging can usually be provided for the extra time.

All of the rotations offered are designed for medical students planning to pursue a career in family medicine and fully embrace our style and philosophy of "full-scope" Family Medicine in order to give them a broad exposure and understanding of our residency training program.

For those interested students considering family medicine as their future specialty of choice, this experience is a good place to begin to see if you are on the same path or trajectory as the program.

All of these rotational time slots can be adjusted depending upon the schedule requirements of your medical school as well as any particular needs and interests of the student.  Rotations are scheduled only during the months of July through January of each calendar year.

Allopathic Medical Students
Allopathic medical students from outside our local credentialing medical school need prior approval by our residency and, if approved, will then develop the rotation and continue approval through the local VSAS system with the University of Kansas Medical School in Wichita.

Osteopathic medical students
For Osteopathic medical students, our rotations can only accommodate those schools with established student-institution contracts (please inquire for prior approvals). Their applications are approved internally for credentialing and rotational evaluations.


Because of the large increase in interest for these rotations we have had to develop a competitive screening process for the assignment of the open (non-local) rotational spots based upon academic performance, the medical student's perceived trajectory, fit for the program as a potential future resident at Via Christi FM, and your Curriculum Vitae (required). We begin receiving applications in January of each year, and final assignments will be completed by mid-April.

Requirements for application

  •  All applicants must be currently enrolled medical students who have not yet graduated (these rotations are not designed for graduate medical students of any medical school, and these are no observerships). 
  • Because of the heavy interest in these rotations we have had to limit the rotations only to medical students who are contemplating pursuing a career in Family Medicine, and who seem to demonstrate (from their Application, CV, and Personal Statement) by experience and activities a strong understanding of our "full-scope" philosophy of Family Medicine.
  • For a complete application please send all 4 of the following:
    1.The online application with rotational date preferences (if any).
    2.Curriculum Vitae
    3.Personal Statement related to your pursuit of family medicine describing your interest in family medicine as well as your long-term plans, goals, and priorities so that we can get a better feel for you as a student and also understand what drives and motivates you professionally.
    4.Step 1 Exam scores (official copy) - All USMLE and/or COMLEX examination results must be sent for pre-screening review. We require the medical student to have passed their Step 1 Board Examination, and that passing score must by known and submitted as a part of the complete application process prior to securing a rotation. Please send an official copy of your Step 1 Board Examination results (official copies by scanned e-mail is sufficient) to