Welcome to the Via Christi
Family Medicine Residency

Academic Sponsor:  University of Kansas School of Medicine - Wichita

Major Participating Site:  Ascension Via Christi Hospitals, Wichita

Family Medicine is one of medicine’s most challenging and progressive specialties. Our program offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn — if you are up to the challenge.

Via Christi Family Medicine strives to meet the challenges of the changing healthcare environment through a community-based residency program served only by our Family Medicine residents.

Our program serves metropolitan Wichita and rural Kansas (a population of about 500,000), sufficient to help you develop the competence, confidence and comfort to practice broad-based Family Medicine anywhere in the world (urban, suburban, rural or international).

From day one, our residents are treated as capable physicians, and are given the freedom and responsibility to care for patients at their comfort level from admission to discharge. We will prepare you for the type of practice you desire in Family Medicine.

Ascension Via Christi Family Medicine Residency offers a broad training opportunity to prepare you for your future practice at whatever level you desire.

Is this the place for you?


Community-based training in a strong Family Medicine community involving only our Family Medicine residents


Full Range

Full range of information technology (fully integrated office-to-inpatient Cerner EHR, fully computerized inpatient hospital orders, digital radiology and lab, mobile computers and wireless network)

OB Training

One of the strongest full-spectrum Family Medicine OB training experiences in the country, including primary training in C-sections and operative vaginal deliveries


Procedural Emphasis

Strong procedural emphasis (especially operative OB and endoscopy)


Faculty members who are primarily focused on mentoring, supervision, oversight and advice (for life issues as well as medical issues)


Large-volume OB, Family Medicine and pediatrics services including full ICU management


Excellent sports medicine training including a Sports Medicine Fellowship


The Via Christi International Family Medicine Fellowship was developed to equip family physicians with a unique knowledge base and clinical skills necessary to effectively serve the poorest and most underserved people of the world.

Guiding Principles

of the University of Kansas School of Medicine - Wichita Family Medicine Residency at Via Christi


"Our mission is to teach comprehensive Family Medicine to residents of character who are called to serve the community with an emphasis on patient-centered care."

Core Values

  • Integrity & Dependability
  • Compassion & Human Dignity
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Continuity & Comprehensive Care
  • Humility & Teachability

Program Aims

We aim to...


  1. Provide compassionate high-quality* patient care in a culture of innovation and scholarly excellence. * Safe, Effective, Patient-centered, Timely, Efficient, Equitable
  2. Educate the Family Physician leaders of tomorrow so they are prepared to pursue their passions wherever and however they choose to practice after residency.
  3. Create and nurture a culture of wellness and gratitude among residents, faculty, and staff by respecting each other and our patients, building individual and organizational resilience, and reducing unnecessary stressors.