ECFMG Interview Guidelines

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates interview guidelines

The following initial criteria have been established to help us select student applicants for interview:

  • All applicants must have a graduation date from medical school that does not exceed one year from the date the application is received in our office. Any students having attended more than one medical school, the original graduation date will be used for the above criteria.
  • All applicants must have U.S. citizenship, permanent Visa, or a J-1 Visa (all other visa types are not sufficient for being able to gain a license to practice medicine in our community).
  • All applicants must have successfully passed USMLE Step I examination.
  • If an applicant has trained in a foreign medical school, he/she must be certified by ECFMG and submit that ECFMG certification number at the time of ERAS application.
  • All applicants must be able to be licensed in the state of Kansas (the state of Kansas must have their particular medical school listed as an “approved” medical school for licensure to be possible).
  • Clinical experience in the United States is not required.
  • All applications must be received through ERAS only.


In addition, all applications meeting the above requirements are then reviewed by the residency interview committee to determine whether an interview will be granted. If granted, the applicant should be notified within two weeks of application.