General Surgery Residency

Meet the Residents

PGY1 Residents

Jordan Christopher, DO

Kyle Moehlin, DO

Tareq Tayyan, DO

PGY2 Residents

Andrew Arnold, DO

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
Undergraduate: The University of Alaska
Medical School: Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences
Interests: Biking, skiing, Hunting, woodworking, spending time outside
Why Genesys: Good surgical caseload in a community hospital, with good development of resident autonomy under supportive attendings.

Dane Baker, DO

Hometown: Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
Undergraduate: Pennsylvania State University
Medical School: Kansas City University
Interests: Space, dogs, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, dairy products
Why Genesys: I chose Genesys because the knowledge and skills of the residents were above what I had seen at other hospitals while auditioning as a medical student.
The faculty have genuine interests in education and there is a very low turnover rate. Given the high general and subspecialized surgical caseload with diverse pathology in a community hospital setting, Genesys is a very strong program for training to become an excellent surgeon.

Rachel Hardy, DO

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Undergraduate: University of Oklahoma
Medical School: Oklahoma State College of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests: baking, cooking, and creating new recipes, working out, spending time with family, swimming, watching movies at the drive-in theater, going to the lake, playing with my family’s cat and Saint Bernard.
Having grown up with my father in the Coast Guard, I have moved around the United States most of my life. When my family returned to their roots in Oklahoma, I attended the University of Oklahoma, where I majored in Biochemistry. I then completed the dual-degree Master of Biomedical Sciences and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program at Oklahoma State College of Osteopathic Medicine. During my audition at Ascension Genesys, I was extremely impressed by the complexity of the cases that the residents felt comfortable performing and their early operative experience. The entire surgery residency was welcoming and took the time to get to know me as an individual. The residents pushed one another to be the best surgeons and were always willing to help one another.

Don Messick, MD

Hometown: Provo, Utah
Undergraduate: Brigham Young University
Medical School: St. George's University
Interests: Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Cars, Spending time with Family
Why Genesys: The faculty allows a lot of autonomy to the residents starting early in training. Very good case load and variety.
The attendings and staff are actively engaged in resident education and skill building. There is a rapport of mutual respect between residents and attendings that has created an environment that is very conducive to learning. The seniors and chiefs are well prepared to either enter practice or fellowship. I have felt accepted and appreciated since starting at Genesys.

PGY3 Residents

Adriana Sharp, DO

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Undergraduate: University of Oklahoma
Medical School: Oklahoma State College of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests: When I’m not at the hospital I love playing with my cat, watching anything in the Marvel or Harry Potter Universes, catching up on SNL, cheering on the Sooners, traveling, golfing and exploring Michigan’s many lakes. 
I chose genesys because of the excellence of the faculty and the comradery of the residents. The faculty are skilled as both surgeons and teachers and they have a vested interest in our success in and out of the OR. You get exposed to a variety of pathologies beginning as early as week one at the intern clinic, where we get to gain intraoperative experience and practice continuity of care. Lastly, our residents genuinely want the best for each other, even if that means some tough love to bring out our best, and there’s never a doubt that they have your back. 

Matthew Sowa, DO

Hometown: Colorado City, TX
Undergraduate: Texas Tech University
Medical School: Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
I was born and raised in rural West Texas where my family still resides. I went to Texas Tech where I received a degree in Biochemistry and continued to pursue research in tropical infectious diseases (Chagas, African Sleeping Sickness, Leishmaniasis, etc.) while earning a master’s in Chemical Biology. After completing my masters, I attended Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine as a rural scholar. TCOM afforded me many of opportunities to fulfill my passion for serving rural/underserved groups from west Texas to Guatemala and Thailand. In my future practice, I aspire to bring high quality surgical care to underserved populations with some work in global medical missions. I chose Genesys because of the unrivaled operative experiences at all resident levels with a large case volume. I felt Genesys would prepare me to be a confident surgeon ready to immediately contribute to a community or to pursue a fellowship.

Hutton White, MD

Hometown: Hopkinsville, KY
Undergraduate: University of Kentucky
Medical School: AUC School of Medicine
Interests: Hunting with my two dogs, traveling with my wife Allie and watching my Tennessee Titans.
The reason I chose Genesys: There is early operative exposure in a hospital with a robust surgical caseload with good variation. The attendings are excellent teachers and will allow residents to earn a lot of autonomy. I am confident that in 5 years Genesys will have prepared me to go into practice or land my desired fellowship.

Carly Young, MD

Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI
Undergraduate: University of Michigan
Medical School: AUC School of Medicine
Hobbies: CrossFit, playing with my cat, watching Michigan Football
Why Genesys: The attendings truly foster resident learning which promotes a dynamic educational environment.
They encourage analytical thinking which allows for early operative exposure and autonomy. The close-knit bond the residents push each other to become better, ultimately leading to a stronger general surgeon.

PGY4 Residents

Nicholas Fitzpatrick, DO

Hometown: Longmont, Colorado
Undergraduate: University of Central Florida
Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests: Working out, hiking, reading, movies, videogames, audiobooks, yoga
Why Genesys: The program has very supportive attendings that cover a wide variety of surgical specialties.
The program coordinator, staff and residents are all enthusiastic and encouraging. During my audition I saw residents at all levels in this program operate with autonomy and confidence. They were constantly challenged to bring their best to the table and as their capabilities grew new levels of expectations were implemented to constantly challenge them to be the best surgeon they could be.  The senior residents’ skill level, autonomy and confidence showed me they were ready to pursue fellowships or to go right into practice. Fellowship placements showed me competitiveness and wide variety of opportunities this program provides. 

Jacob Schaub, DO

Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan
Undergraduate: Michigan State University
Medical School: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests: Working out, rock climbing, hiking, tournament paintball
Why Genesys:Extensive case volume and early operative experience in a community hospital environment.
The level of skill and confidence demonstrated by the senior residents was unmatched by any other program I auditioned at. The attendings are supportive and hands on, while also providing a remarkable level of autonomy. Program graduates are well prepared to go straight into practice or match into competitive fellowships.

Kaitlyn Stevens, DO

I grew up in the small town of Elsie, Michigan, in the middle of a cornfield, where there are more cows than people. I’m the middle of five, 2 brothers on either side. As you can imagine, I was raised on baseball, basketball, and football. It’s here where I acquired a passion for athletics, friendly competition, and overall health fitness. I later became a competitive gymnast who converted to springboard diving, while also running cross-country and track & field (sprints/relays, hurdles, long jump & high jump). During my undergraduate at Central Michigan University, I participated in multiple study abroads (Denmark, Sweden, Bermuda), including a medical mission trip to Belize. 

My love for travel, international adventure, and providing for underserved communities with minimal access to quality health care ignited across these experiences, and has since lead me across New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Germany, Italy, the Bahamas, and also 2 more mission trips while at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, to El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. My goal is to incorporate this passion for servicing underprivileged communities into future practice. 

When I’m not in the OR, I enjoy scuba diving, marine science, water sports, outdoor adventure, traveling, personal fitness, mountain-biking, football!, playing musical instruments, cooking/baking, family time, photography, and snuggling my doggos. My movie genre of choice is comedy!

Why I love Genesys: The early operative exposure, autonomy, medical/clinical confidence, and technical skill for each year of respective training is second-to-none. The attendings are enthusiastic, engaged, and active in resident learning, while promoting autonomy,independent decision making, confidence in patient management - both medically and procedurally, and instilling critical thinking skills. The pure volume and diversity of cases, in addition to the aforementioned, will ensure I graduate an exceptionally competent, technically-sound general surgeon who can start practicing confidently immediately out of training, yet will also provide the foundation needed to pursue fellowship as a competitive, able applicant.

PGY5 Residents

Breda Knott, DO

Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Undergraduate: Mercyhurst University
Medical School: A.T. Still University - KCOM
Interests: Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bills, traveling, and spending time with my fur-niece, Palmer, an English Bulldog
Why Genesys: Residents are consistently challenged with autonomy, early operative experience, and high case volume.

Holland Korbitz, DO

I am from Omaha, Nebraska, the oldest and type A-est of four siblings. I went to Baylor for undergrad and then worked in a lab in Dallas for a year doing DNA paternity testing on panties, combs, and toothbrushes (among other responsibilities). From there I moved to the picturesque town of Dothan, Alabama to attend the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine. In Dothan I enjoyed running in the one wooded park area, trips to Sam’s Club for frozen yogurt, and studying in the lobby of a Hampton Inn (the only place open past 6pm). I am excited to be back in the Midwest and look forward to exploring the hiking, camping, beaches, and breweries of Pure Michigan.

Daniel Rivera, DO

Hometown: Winter Springs, Florida
Undergraduate: Old Dominion University
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - VA
Interests: Working out/running, Joe Rogan podcast, fantasy football, anything outdoors
Why Genesys: At the end of my 5 years of residency I want to feel comfortable practicing on my own.
Of all the programs I visited and interviewed Genesys is the one I was most confident would get me there. The residents hold each other accountable, and the attendings grant exceptional autonomy while still being hands on with your training.

Shelby Zaremba, DO

I am born and raised in southeast Michigan and have a younger sister who lives in California.  I went to Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI for undergrad where I got 2 degrees in biomedical laboratory sciences and human biology.  I stayed in East Lansing and went to Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school.  During my time at MSU, I went on 7 study abroad trips to Brazil, Turkey, Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic all focused on delivering medical care for the underprivileged and underserved. I hope to be able to integrate international medicine into my future practice in some form or another. In my free time I enjoy traveling, working out, being outdoors, playing with my puppy, and hanging out with family and friends.