Cardiology Fellowship

It is the mission of the Cardiology Fellowship at Genesys Regional Medical Center to provide the highest quality training in both academic and clinical cardiovascular medicine, as well as advanced training in cardiovascular research.  This program will provide training in professionalism and interpersonal skills with the goal of instilling respect and compassion and patient safety.  The training in the Genesys Cardiology Fellowship will not only provide exemplary clinicians and teachers, but will also foster and mentor the development of skills necessary to become life-long learners in the promotion of cardiovascular health.

It is our goal to provide academic and clinically oriented training in cardiovascular medicine to ensure competent general cardiology graduates.  The seven core competencies will be an essential aspect of the training to ensure competence in patient care, medical knowledge, interpersonal skills and communication, systems-based practice, practice-based learning, professionalism and incorporation of osteopathic principles and practice throughout the training period.  The 36 month training program will consist of cardiovascular clinical and procedural training to meet the standards (level 1) COCATS Guidelines for Training in Adult Cardiovascular Medicine. 

At least one research/scholarly activity will be completed by the fellow during the training program.  This project will be mentored by a Genesys Heart Institute Cardiologist.  The plan for the project will be submitted prior to the completion of the first year of training and will be approved by the program director and forwarded to the ACOI.  This project should be submitted for publication during the training period.  Fellows will have the assistance of not only the faculty cardiologist, but also the Genesys Research Department led by Kimberly Barber, PhD.