Clinical Health Psychology Fellowship Preceptors

Interviewing Information

Your Interview at Ascension Genesys

Due to health issues of the Covid-19 pandemic, during the 2020-21 interview cycle, all interviews will take place using an online portal (Zoom).  We are working hard to ensure that you will  have an informative, interactive and pleasant experience learning about our program.
Applicants that are selected for a fellowship interview will be provided with an individual schedule. Prior to the interview, applicants will be provided with a virtual walk through of each of the clinical and training sites to give you a better understanding of our facilities and training site. This preview will also include an overview of our training model and program.  This method will allow the actual interview to be more focused on getting to know each other.   The actual interview will be conducted using Zoom.  Following the interview, there will be additional opportunities to meet with faculty and fellows and time to ask questions.

Virtual Interviewing Tips: 

  • Make sure you have a reliable and stable internet connection
  • Test your computer or tablet webcam and microphone
  • If possible, use a computer or tablet instead of a mobile phone
  • Have your computer or tablet plugged in - not running on battery
  • Consider headsets or ear buds to decrease echo
  • Please be sure your interview environment is private, well-lit, quiet, free from distractions, and is located where you can control the background noise (no public spaces)