General Surgery Residency

About the Program

The General Surgery residency accepts 3 to 4 interns per year.

  • Very challenging five year program.
  • Builds upon the foundation of general medical knowledge and skills developed during first year.
  • Teaches specialty skills of general surgery in a community hospital setting
  • Offers exposure to subspecialty surgical areas locally and at major medical centers.
  • Didactic and clinical exposure and experience further broadened by enrollment in the Michigan State University Surgical Training Consortium.
    • Monthly sessions
    • University endorsement is included on the resident’s diploma

Second Year

  • Extensive practical experience
  • Exposure to all facets of general surgery and related fields
  • Development and improvement of clinical skills and surgical judgment
  • Entire program designed for preparation of the American Board of Osteopathic Surgery examinations
  • Assistance in self-assessment of progress toward this goal

Third Year

  • Builds upon general surgery base as responsibilities progressively increase
  • Direct patient contact is stressed throughout the program
  • Under direct supervision by senior residents
    • Minor surgical procedures are performed
    • Assist with major operations
    • Work-ups on surgical patients

Fourth Year

  • Ample opportunity to pursue a special surgical interest at one of the selected major medical centers to broaden your knowledge base and skills
  • Additional involvement in the instruction of medical students and interns on service

Fifth Year

  • Assimilates skills in general, thoracic, peripheral, vascular and urological surgery into exposure to a wide variety of trauma and critical care patients
  • Less restrictive supervision
  • Increased administrative and teaching responsibility in surgical teaching programs for medical students, interns and junior surgical residents in a busy hospital setting
Ascension Genesys Hospital is a founding member and training site in the Statewide Campus System (SCS) of Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Our affiliated residencies include Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Ob/Gyn and Orthopedic Surgery. SCS is a partnership of 20 major teaching hospitals and Michigan State University that offers all the benefits and advantages of a nationally recognized university combined with the opportunity for hands-on clinical training. SCS enhances the diversity of clinical experience and strengthens the organization and planning for residency programs.