Tuition & Fees


The Ascension St. Vincent Sonography Program tuition and fees are one of the lowest of comparable associate-degree programs in Indiana. Our program is very affordable and accessible to everyone since we are not approved for federal and state student financial aid (FAFSA) student aid programs.

All tuition and fees below are paid on a semester basis and are subject to change as necessary. Changes to the tuition and fees will be updated on this site when they occur. Applicants accepted for admission will be required to pay a deposit of $500 by the date established in the student's acceptance letter to reserve their place in the program. This deposit will cover the tuition for the first summer semester.


Sonography Program tuition and fees paid to the Ascension St. Vincent College of Health Professions:

*Approximate cost; actual cost will be included on the enrollment agreement if accepted.

Additional fees not paid to the College or programs are listed below.

** Estimated cost; subject to vendor charges.
*** Current cost; subject to agency fee changes.
It is a requirement that each student brings their own laptop to every didactic class and scan lab.


Tuition (excluding textbook, materials and other fees) refunds are made for voluntary student withdrawal from the program. Upon the student's written request, a refund will be made on the basis of a percentage of the tuition payment. The semester refund schedule is as follows:


  • 100% of the semester tuition (minus $100 of the enrollment deposit) is refunded if the withdrawal is before the first day of class of the semester.
  • 50% of the semester tuition is refunded if the withdrawal is by the last business day of the second week of the semester.
  • No refund is made if the withdrawal is after the second week of the semester.

Financial Aid

The College does not participate in Title IV federal student aid (FASFA) programs and as a result students may not be able to have their student loans deferred. Students should contact the financial aid office of the college through which the loan was processed to discuss their options.

While the College will work with any third-party payer, it is the student’s responsibility to secure adequate funding sources.