Bankruptcy Appeal

For a variety of reasons, there are some individuals whose overall college GPA is adversely affected by a period of poor academic performance, such that their overall GPA is not an accurate indication of their true academic abilities. Many of these same students have subsequently demonstrated the ability to achieve academic success. The bankruptcy policy allows individuals to exclude an earlier portion of their academic record while still receiving credit for having passed prerequisite courses so that the GPA considered by the program faculty more accurately reflects the student’s true academic abilities. The policy does not allow individuals to pick and choose poor classes or semesters, but instead allows an individual to convey, “that was me then, but this is what I am capable of now.” If you feel that this policy would benefit you, we encourage you to submit your appeal.

Applicants may request in writing to the program director that college grades prior to a specified date not be factored into the calculation of an overall college GPA and therefore not be considered as part of the selection criteria provided the following criteria are met.


  • The applicant must make the request in writing and include the college(s) attended and dates of attendance requesting to be bankrupted.
  • The bankruptcy request must be submitted by January 31st. The request can accompany the application or be emailed to Ashlie Munchel, Program Director, at 
  • The applicant must include a rationale why the original GPA should be bankrupted and what the applicant did to improve his/her academic performance since the bankruptcy date.
  • The applicant must have completed and maintained at least a 2.50 / 4.00 cumulative GPA on at least 12 credit hours of 100 level courses following the date of requested bankruptcy.

If approved, all academic grades prior to the bankruptcy date will not be considered toward the calculated GPA. However, all courses passed with a letter grade of “C” or higher regardless of bankruptcy will still be counted toward meeting the program’s general education requirements.

The Sonography Program faculty will review each bankruptcy request and render a decision based on the merits of each request individually. Official transcripts of all academic work must still be submitted as indicated.