Global Health

The Global Health AOC was established to provide an opportunity for residents who have special interest in caring for underserved populations, both here in the US and internationally. It is a multi-faceted approach to prepare residents for their careers in which they might incorporate international medicine trips or care for vulnerable populations in the US. Residents are encouraged to sign up for the AOC starting in the last 3 months of their first year of residency and no later than 6 months into their second year.
Dr. Curt Ward Discusses Global Health at St. Vincent


  • Global Health Monthly Meeting - a once a month meeting of interested faculty and residents where an article/global health topic is discussed.
  • Pre-Travel Global Health Course - A yearly concentrated 10 day pre-travel course will prepare residents embarking on a global health elective and will include topics in tropical medicine, public health and travel medicine.
  • Global Health Electives - Residents will travel with St. Vincent faculty on an annual 1-2 week medical trip. Any resident, whether in the global health AOC or not, is able to apply to be part of the group global health elective. The opportunity for residents to create their own global health elective is available.
  • Underserved Patients in the US - Our residency office serves a large number of uninsured/underinsured patients. There are opportunities for the Spanish language to be used. We have also partnered with Exodus Refugee to be a medical home for many incoming refugees to the Indianapolis area.
  • Quality Improvement/Research Projects - Residents in the AOC are encouraged to complete a QI project or a scholarly activity on global health or underserved care topics under the guidance of a faculty preceptor.
To see more about St. Vincent's dedication to Global Health initiatives, please visit the Physician Outreach Network website.

For any questions about the Global Health AOC, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Roth,