Director's Welcome

Dear Prospective Radiography Students,

Thank you for your interest in the Ascension St. Vincent Radiography Program!

Our program is committed to offering outstanding education and training in radiography. Because our program is sponsored by Ascension St. Vincent hospitals, our students receive instruction by program faculty who are employed by Ascension St. Vincent, which further allows us direct control of the program’s curriculum, clinical and classroom training.

Additionally, our Ascension St. Vincent College of Health Professions, also sponsored by Ascension St. Vincent, allows the Radiography Program to award an Associate of Applied Science degree to program graduates. This makes the Ascension St. Vincent Radiography Program the only hospital-sponsored academic institution in Indiana accredited to award an academic degree. In short, our student benefit significantly in many ways from Ascension St. Vincent hospitals sponsoring the Radiography Program.

Our goal is to serve as a model for hospital-based allied health education and training, and we are looking for individuals that are called to serve and learn in our hospital communities. Of course, our Radiography Program is not easy. The program is full-time and 22-months in length. Our curriculum is rigorous, and our academic expectations are high. We are candid in telling prospective students that our program is challenging and labor-intensive. But the purpose of having high standards is to benefit our students, and ultimately our patients who put their trust in us every day as medical imaging professionals. If you are up to meeting this challenge, then we welcome your application for the next enrollment period!

Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope to hear from you soon.

Mark Adkins, MSEd, RT (R)

Radiography Program Director
Professor of Radiography
Ascension St. Vincent College of Health Professionals