Apply to STVIM

The Internal Medicine Residency has 16 resident positions available per class.

All applications to the Internal Medicine Residency are received through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

  • US Medical Graduates must apply to ERAS through the Dean’s Office of their Medical School
  • International Medical Graduates must apply through the ECFMG Office.

Interviews are by invitation only.

Applicants who are offered an interview will be directed to our scheduling website to select a preferred interview date. Deadline for applications is December 1.

The AAIM has recommended that Internal Medicine programs proceed with virtual interviews and has discouraged hospital days/on-site visits. We will plan to move forward with virtual interviews and virtual social hours, as we have done in previous years. This year, we will also be participating in the new supplemental application offered via AAMC/ERAS. Applicants will be required to complete the ERAS application and we encourage you to submit a supplemental form and signal us if you are interested in our program!

Application review will begin in October by our review committee - made of program leadership and core faculty.  All members of the committee complete implicit bias training prior to participation in order to ensure that we conduct a thorough holistic review.  Interviews will be extended in late October/early November and interviews will begin in mid November through mid January. We will also host virtual social hours so that applicants have the opportunity to meet and interact with current IM residents.   

Resident Recruitment Contacts


Hannah Ramirez -
St. Vincent Internal Medicine Residency
Program Coordinator

Erica Apollos -
St. Vincent Internal Medicine Residency
Program Coordinator


  • Graduate from either a U.S. medical or osteopathic school; or an international medical school currently listed on the California approved list. If you are an International Medical Graduate, please click here to verify that your school is on the California list of approved schools prior to applying to our program.
  • USMLE and COMLEX scores are accepted.
  • A minimum of 3 letters of recommendation.
  • Medical school graduation date preferably within 3 years and strictly within 5 years of starting residency.
  • A satisfactory medical school record.


Applications to all St. Vincent Residency Programs are only accepted through the ERAS application system for the match. All positions are filled through the NRMP. There are no pre-match positions available. Our goal is to match the best people that we can find into our Residency programs regardless of their country of origin. We presently have US-trained and international medical graduates in residency at our hospital.


If you match at St. Vincent, the policy of the Medical Education Department is to consider the visa of your choice, provided that there is time to acquire this visa and that you have the proper credentials. J1 VISA is typically what is typically approved at our institution. 

U.S. Clinical Experience

To be successful in our program, we have found that applicants need a minimum of 3 months U.S., hands-on, inpatient clinical experience. More than 3 months only enhances the quality of your application and provides you with a better chance of being selected for an interview. We do not consider observerships or research experience as U.S., hands-on, inpatient, clinical experience.


We do not provide observerships before the match. Following a favorable interview, there is a possibility of an observership either before the match or before residency in order to assist you with orientation to our hospital. Two to three weeks’ time is required prior to a requested observership for the processing of criminal background checks as required by our corporate offices.