Podiatry Residency Program
at St. Vincent

Welcome from our Director

Welcome to the St. Vincent Podiatry residency training program. The first resident began training here in 2006. St. Vincent has a long tradition of educating medical residents. Their reputation is second to none when it comes to education. It is an honor for podiatry to be part of the excellent opportunity that St. Vincent affords its residents. We are dedicated to teaching and have an excellent faculty of both podiatrists and other medical and surgical specialty physicians that are interested in teaching. The residents also have the opportunity to teach the fourth year podiatry students during their rotations at St. Vincent. We have a wide variety of patients to draw upon for learning. This includes the primary care center where the residents have a clinic, inpatients, surgery center, wound center, and private offices.

Being part of Ascension Health, the largest Catholic healthcare network in the country, our program abides by the core values of St. Vincent: integrity, wisdom, creativity, reverence, dedication, and service to the poor. We instill in our residents these values when treating patients. It is through these qualities that we feel we can train the future podiatrists here at St. Vincent.

We are a strong program with nine residents training here for three years. Our residents work closely with a core group of attending podiatrists and there is ample opportunity for research opportunities with these attending podiatrists. Our program is very friendly and our residents work very well together and with the other services. The program has a vast array of services at our disposal. We work closely with all of the medical and surgical specialties. This is particularly true of infectious disease, vascular surgery and internal medicine. There is a high inpatient volume that affords a wealth of learning opportunities of the critically ill patient. On the outpatient side, the resident will be exposed to a number of different podiatrists both in their offices, surgery centers, and other local hospitals. This allows a great breadth of experience and will allow the resident to ultimately form their own opinions as to how they will eventually wish to practice.

Thank you for your interest in our program. As you are considering residency programs in podiatry please keep in mind that each program is unique and has its own strengths. The program here at St. Vincent has many strengths and that comes from our residents and faculty who are committed to education and foster an environment which is conducive to learning. We wish you success in your search for a residency program.

Patrick A. DeHeer, DPM
Program Director
St. Vincent Podiatry Residency Program