Moving to Indy

Indianapolis is a great place to relocate. With one of the lowest costs of living among large cities in the nation, incomes reach much further than just about anywhere else.


  • Indianapolis - $50,000.00
  • San Francisco - $81,589.00
  • Los Angeles - $71,841.00
  • New York - $82,985.00
  • Boston - $80,398.00
  • Seattle - $70,945.00

Another perk of Indianapolis is its compact design. Everything in town is within a half hour commute, giving new residents a guarantee of finding a great home, no matter what style they’re looking for. The city offers everything from downtown condos and urban lofts, to historic and charming midtown homes, and even newly constructed homes in great neighborhoods all around the city.


Indianapolis is ranked as having the “No. 3 Downtown in the U.S.” based on entertainment options, beautiful architecture, green spaces and planning that went into the city’s design