From a 2018 gathering of the St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis, Women in Cardiology (L to R) Dr. Kathleen Morris (CVD chief fellow), Dr. Mary N. (Minnow) Walsh, Dr. Nancy Branyas, Dr. Emily Ruden, Dr. Ashley Funk, Dr. Elaine Moen, Dr. Julie Fetters, Dr. Hiroko Noda-Heiny, Dr. Kelly Carlson (IC fellow), Dr. Janet Rippy, Dr. Beth Riddell (former AHFTC fellow), Dr. Jennifer Davis (former IC fellow), and Dr. Anna Stone (former CVD chief fellow)

Back Row: Dr. Asim Ahmed, Dr. Aaron Kelkhoff, Dr. Jasen Gilge, Dr. Kelly Carlson, Dr. Ethan Oates, Dr. Kevin Ergle
Front Row: Dr. Brad Clark, Dr. Beth Riddell, Dr. Kathleen Morris, Dr. Kevin Ball, Dr. Jennifer Davis