Program Overview

Job Shadow Overview

Job shadows and observations can be a great way to learn more about the day to day experience of different health care professionals. These opportunities are a “hands off” observation that must be prearranged with a sponsor. The job shadow process includes:

Find a Sponsor

The individual interested in job shadowing/observing (“observer”) needs to identify a provider/associate (“sponsor”) that agrees to allow them to observe them for a preapproved number of hours. See the "Finding a Sponsor" page for help in finding a sponsor. 

Review Health Requirements

Review the health requirements for observers and gather the appropriate documentation to confirm all requirements are met. 

Submit an Application

Once the observer identifies a sponsor, then they must fill out the application and provide the appropriate documentation to show they meet the health requirements.

Be Cleared to Observe

Ascension WI staff will review the application, ensure the appropriate documentation has been received and will confirm that the sponsor has agreed to the observation. The observer can then be cleared to shadow.

Work Out Final Details

The observer will work directly with the sponsor to schedule the shadow experience and any other related details.

Generally, job shadows are limited to 8 hours or less - but these limitations vary by site. Longer observations may occur at the discretion of the sponsor/site. Individuals must be at least 16 years of age, unless enrolled in a course requiring a job shadow experience. Departments, clinics, or providers may elect to have additional restrictions on whom they permit to observe, particularly in highly sensitive or critical care areas. 

Contact Us

For questions related to general job shadow opportunities and experiences, or for help in finding a sponsor please contact

For questions related to job shadows of MDs, DOs and other advanced practice providers, please reach out to:

Zach Zeyen (414-585-1458)

For questions related to job shadows in the areas of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy, please reach out to the following individuals:>

Ascension Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Sites
Lisa Zarder (414-525-5974)

Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Healthcare Sites
Carrie Sandberg (262-250-7880)