Ascension St. Vincent's
Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Scientists work with pathologists and other members of the healthcare team to diagnose and treat disease by performing and interpreting complex laboratory procedures.

Medical Laboratory Science is a challenging and continually changing field that offers opportunities for advancement within the clinical laboratory and growth into areas such as administration, research, business, education and computer technology.

The Ascension St. Vincent's School of Medical Laboratory Science has both academic and clinical practice components. The NAACLS accredited, Florida approved program provides graduates with the necessary eligibility requirements to qualify for examination by the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification as Medical Laboratory Scientists. Upon certification, the graduate is also eligible for licensure as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist in the State of Florida.

As a hospital based program, acceptance into the program guarantees clinical placement.  The curriculum includes 50 weeks of instruction with classes starting each year in January and late June. Each class has a maximum capacity of five students.