Family Medicine Residency Program


St. Vincent's offers a Family Medicine Clerkship or Externship to third and fourth year medical students. Medical students will work in both the inpatient and outpatient settings, including the care of newborns, pediatrics, obstetrics and adult medicine.

Program Requirements

The student must currently be a third or fourth year medical student in good standing and complete an online application form. Upon approval of the request, St. Vincent's requires the student's school/hospital provide a letter verifying medical malpractice coverage as well as a copy of the malpractice insurance.


St. Vincent's offers housing within walking distance of the Family Medicine Center and St. Vincent’s Medical Center Riverside. This one bedroom apartment has a kitchen and living room with cable TV, and internet and is available for a nominal cost of $50.00 per week. The apartment is only occupied by medical students during an externship with our residency programs. Because the apartment is shared with other students, pets and guests cannot be accommodated.

In order to experience all the training the program has to offer, the medical student will work with each service during their four week rotation. One week will be spent solely in the outpatient setting working with residents and faculty in clinic. Another week will be spent solely in the inpatient setting working with the inpatient medicine team assisting with performing H&Ps and documenting progress notes in the hospital EMR. The other two weeks will be a combination of inpatient and outpatient experiences with the Obstetrics and Pediatrics Teams. 

Apply Online

Apply for externship admission online