Courses and Registration

Additional Courses - Schedules and Registration

Please note the following changes that went into effect December 1, 2020:
  • Ascension is moving to online education and certification for ACLS and PALS. This includes web-based training and hands-on demonstration on the voice activated manikins (VAMs).
  • Any ACLS/PALS course will be completed through new American Heart Association RQI.
    • Associates must complete on-line learning OUTSIDE of the VAMs room.
    • The Hands-on demonstration is to be completed in VAMs room only.
    • An eCard will be issued as soon as associate passes the hands on demonstration in the VAMs room.
    • The eCard is to be uploaded to MSC by the associate.
    • All study materials are now found online. No printed books will be available.
    • Online access to ACLS/PALS is available through MyLearning. The associate must enter American Heart Association or AHA into the course search box, the choices will pop-up allowing the associate to choose the course to start. Associates must choose a course that has MIMKT (Michigan Market).
    • Estimated time of completion is 4-6 hours for ACLS online and 6 hours for PALS online.
  • Scheduling for ACLS/PALS will go through the staffing office for associates who receive their schedules from NSS. This should be done at least two months prior to expiration and prior to the 21st of the month of expiration. This will allow enough time for the MSC to process the new eCard.  Associates will inform their schedulers and managers of impending expiration. The schedulers will mark meeting time on schedules.
  • The VAMs room will be very busy. Anyone using the VAMs must be on the schedule. Others will be removed if a scheduled associate arrives, even if the unscheduled person has started.
  • Any questions please feel free to contact your onsite Clinical Professional Development department.